Fanny & Alexander is commited to enriching the lives of children with toys that are beautiful, simple and enduring.
Fanny & Alexander’s toys encourage fantasy, imagination, creativity and ingenuity.

Our products are keepsakes, they are objects people get sentimental about.
— Delfina Aguilar, Founder

A nostalgic notion of play

These days, it’s the rare object in the toy chest that doesn’t require batteries. Children now are reared on a steady diet of video games and virtual reality. These experiences can be emotionally and cognitively stimulating, but risk reducing a child’s agency if undertaken to the exclusion of other forms of play.

Enter Argentine brand Fanny & Alexander, committed to enriching the lives of children with toys that are beautiful, simple and enduring. Utterly analogue, F&A’s toys encourage fantasy, imagination, creativity, and ingenuity. They also foster manual skills at the stage of life -infancy- when that is most critical. Our catalogue includes wood-carved toys, activity kits (like needlepoint and letter writing), handcrafted collectibles, and accessories.

Founder Delfina Aguilar, searching for the precise words, explains her inspiration: “It seems to me like most toys today are just...merchandise...they are movie-franchise spinoffs. I wanted to make old-fashioned, handcrafted toys, and then to create a world around that.”

Importantly, the Fanny & Alexander conception and design process is rigorous and addresses every aspect of the product with devotion to detail. The company’s model is sustainable: largely local raw materials—including Argentine woods good enough to be used for a dining room table—crafted by local craftsmen.

The results of this philosophy and effort speak for themselves. “Fanny & Alexander products are keepsakes… they’re objects people get sentimental about,” remarks Aguilar. “Adults have bought our canvas and leather satchels for themselves and our wood-carved cameras as decoration for their bookshelves. It appears our toys resonate with actual 5-year olds, and also with the inner 5-year old in all of us.”

Whether it is through a rigorously crafted camera with contrasting wood tones or a carefully composed correspondence kit, it’s about capturing that unique feeling of childhood from another time, today.

We’re not trying to bring back the past, but to create timeless toys that would be at home in any era,
especially the current one, where Fanny & Alexander’s analogue,
enduring nature is a much-needed counterweight to the plasticky, digital norms.
— Delfina Aguilar, Founder